Jerry Kearns


Jerry Kearns’ new work meditates on the construction of images post-9/11. The stark blue sky found in all of the paintings sets the mood as surreal and stands in for the strange blue sky behind the Twin Towers after the attack. Kearns explores various ways of representing the present body by subverting notions of masculinity and strength with both feminine and androgynous signifiers. In addition to the mixing of gender, some figures are shown as cyborgs fusing human and machine. The works themselves combine both painting and digital scanning revealing a fractured duality operating on several levels within these pieces. Kearns also includes a degree of humor and absurdity into these images playing on mythic ideals and dependence on technology. These works visually translate the struggle of the psyche to produce a holistic vision of the current body. big-legs1

By Erin Mizrahi


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