Major Papers

Stuttering Specters and the Language of Forgetting (2011)

Between Mouth and Maw: Addressing, Preserving and Interrupting the Other (2011)

Move Truth, Get out the Way (2011)

Schematizing the Scream: From Ur Language to Our Language (2010)

From the Machine to the Crypt: On the Constitution of Laughter and Becoming Multiple (2010)

Media Skin: At the Intersection of Self and Second Self (2009)

On Hauntology: Memory, Myth and Modern Experience (2009)

She an Echo: The Traumatic Impulse in Contemporary Feminist Art (2009)

Distraction or the Disintegration of the Individual (2009)

Electronic Renaissance: New Skin for New Bodies (2007)

Minor Papers

Terra Incognita (2010)

Euphonia Speaking Machine (2010)

The Memory Palace: A Trace Study (2010)


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